The PKU and Other Hereditary Metabolic Disorders Foundation, is a non-profit entity recently founded in 2018 by a group of parents from the Catalan Association of Hereditary Metabolic Disorders PKU / OMD, with the aim of attending to the needs of the affected people of inherited metabolic disorders.


The reason to be of the Foundation, a non-profit entity, is comprehensive care for people affected by hereditary metabolic disorders, providing help and social support to patients and their families, to improve their quality of life, and in all those issues in which these disorders may have an impact, with the ultimate aim of seeking a better relationship between these affected and the environment in which they live, providing them with as many tools as possible to ensure their equal opportunities within society. The PKU and Other Hereditary Metabolic Disorders Foundation, develops its activity with a vocation for continuous improvement and innovation.


We want The PKU and Other Hereditary Metabolic Disorders Foundation to be a reference entity in the care of people with hereditary metabolic diseases, in the training of professionals and in the quality and excellence of the service.


We give the best of ourselves looking for the most appropriate solutions at all times. We take into account the efficiency of the available resources to offer the highest quality in services. We assume the consequences of our own actions and our attitudes.


We act sincerely, honestly and in harmony with our principles. We promote transparency in management as those responsible for the public task that we carry out at the service of the population.


We accept all people and treat them with fairness and dignity. We value the work of all professionals and help them improve. We facilitate that users and their families can make decisions and act autonomously.


We work for The PKU and Other Hereditary Metabolic Disorders Foundation to stand out and be recognized as a benchmark in promoting the physical, emotional and social well-being of all people with inherited metabolic diseases.


We are open to ideas and promote original and innovative solutions.