And what can you do to help us?

You can also become a volunteer.

Do not hesitate and contact us:
Tel.: + 34 932 287 810

And remember that your solidarity has no measure, but proteins do.

Solidarity companies

Joining our Foundation is an act of social responsibility.
Your company can be linked to the Biosensor Project and help us make life easier for patients with inherited metabolic diseases, thus adding forces and resources with common goals and values.

Tax advantages. What benefit does the law give?

The percentages of tax relief depend on the amount contributed: thus, for contributions of a whole year that do not exceed 150 €, there are some percentages, and for those amounts that exceed 150 € per year, others.

Loyalty has advantages

If you have collaborated with the same entity in the last three years, the deduction percentages are higher. In this way, your loyalty is rewarded with a higher return.

Valid information for all contributions to charities

This tax improvement does not apply in the Basque Country or in Navarra.

The deduction limit on the taxable base remains at 10%.

Article 19 (deduction of the personal income tax quota) of Law 49/2002, of December 23, of the tax regime of non-profit entities and of tax incentives for patronage.